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Leather upholstered items are not cheap to buy, so when you invest in them you want to know that you can also maintain them and sustain their lustre. To do this, you need a professional, reliable and highly skilled team of experts - one that you will most definitely find here at Snowdrop Clean Me Ltd, where we have been providing leather cleaning London wide for many years, with satisfactory results.

We provide a completely comprehensive leather cleaning and conditioning service for any leather upholstery, whether it is in the home or a car interior. Most leather suites will clean beautifully if done expertly and professionally by a competent and experienced technician. Following years of experience and trying and testing techniques, we now use the finest and most effective methods for leather cleaning and our process is designed to clean and restore your leather to as close to new condition as possible. We recognise that leather surfaces require careful care and attention to ensure that the balance between lifting stains and ingrained dirt thoroughly without damaging the delicate leather surface.

The primary objective of leather cleaning is to remove stains and soils, as well as to replenish vital oils & colours to the leather.

Once our professionals ensure that the leather has been professionally cleaned and restored a conditioning cream is then applied to further enhance the appearance and protect the leather from wear and spills.

So why not call Snowdrop Clean Me Ltd today for a free estimate on your next leather or upholstery cleaning needs, our friendly and helpful team will be only too happy to advise.

Our leather and leather upholstery cleaning service starts from a minimum charge of just £50 per visit. Please not that parking fees and congestion charges may be rechargeable to customers if they apply.

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