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Snowdrop Clean Me Ltd understands that every rug type has its own individual characteristics. And well-made rugs are often not cheap, with expensive antique rugs or period style rugs expensive to buy and maintain. However, here at Snowdrop Clean Me Ltd we offer a quality rug cleaning service London wide that is of the highest quality.

Our process is thorough and backed by skill and experience. We begin with soil particle removal. This is essential as the sharp edges of dust particles have a very abrasive effect on the carpet fibres. Once all of the initial grime and dirt has been removed, the cleaning process begins.

Your Snowdrop cleaner's rug-cleaning procedure often requires chemicals with varying pH values to finish the job. Their specialist knowledge and skills will determine what is right for your particular rug. However, once we have completed the cleaning process, we will restore its original pH grade by neutralizing any material chemicals that were used.

We return your rug in excellent condition, sometimes better than the day you bought it!

Snowdrop Clean me rug treatment includes restoration and re-fringing.

In other words we offer a complete rug treatment programme that will leave you completely satisfied.

Helpful tips for your rug maintenance:

  • Remember that regular vacuuming is necessary to keep your Persian and other oriental type rugs in perfect condition
  • Should your rug get stained, quick removal is best, even it is with a household non-abrasive carpet cleaner
  • A whole deep clean is not always necessary if there is simply a few stains - ask a Snowdrop Clean Me expert for advice on the best option
  • If you have an antique rug, or specialist hand-woven rug always ask the seller for maintenance instructions or obtain guidance before attempting to clean it yourself.

Our onsite rug cleaning service starts from a minimum charge of only £50 per visit. We kindly advise that parking fee and congestion charges may be rechargeable to our customers if they apply for accessing your premises.

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